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    Dear Ramil,

    After reviewing the material you sent, the doctor feel that your situation is not very bad, there are many ways to cure this diease, the most common way is to take the hormone drugs which will cure your diease very soon, but the defect is the diease is more likely to relapse, and as the increased frequency of use, the frequency of diease development becomes high.

    the doctor invent a way to cure this diease, it is no need to take the hormone drugs, but take use of the Chinese traditional medicine to clyster, she cured kinds of patient who endured this diease for years. Acoording to your situation, your diease is in the initial stage, it should be cured easily. she suggest that you should take a three treatment, totaly 30 days, 10 days for each treatment, because you are in another country, we usually send the medicine to patient and guide them to clyster themselves or in the local hospital(if they agree to use the medicine from outside)

    Pls consider whether you want to take her suggestion, it is no need to fly to China now. If you want a try, I will sent you the detailed information of the medicine and how to clyster in home.

    Yours Sincerely,


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    Dear Ramil,

    Followed is the information the doctor want me to send you:

    Our medicine is Chinese traditional medicine, and it is not oral
    medication.The clyster is applied from the anus to the lesion
    site,without any pain and discomfort. If patients want to be treated
    at home, they need others help to complete the treatment.10 days for a
    course of the treatment,and ulcerative colitis usually takes three
    courses of treatment that is 30 days.
    Essential drugs of the clyster: Agrimonine, Bletilla, Indigo Naturalis
    , White Paeony Root, Licorice .

    Treatment principle sa following:
    If you defecate one time a day ,then you'd better use the clyster
    100ml a time for one day.And if you defecate 2times a day ,you'd
    better use the clyster two times a day and use 50ml clyster every
    time. The effect of clyster treatment will be better after defecating.
    Clyster operation steps and methods:
    Specifications: 100ml/ bottle
    1. Placing the bottle with 100ml drug in the water which is heated to
    50 degrees Fahrenheit, and then shaking the bottle well ;
    2.Opening the clyster device, and washing the device with 20ml 0.9% saline;
    3.Closing the switch, pouring about 100ml drugs into the clyster device;
    4.The patient should in the left lateral decubitus
    position,straighten left leg , flex the right leg knee , and exposed
    the anus fully ;
    5.Lubricating the patient's anus and clyster catheter external part
    with medical paraffin oil.
    6. Inserting the catheter into the anus, about 10cm, and then opening
    the clyster device switch, then the drugs can be poured into the human
    body.The drug will be poured into the catheter and into the body
    deeply, until entering the body to about 45-70cm;
    7.Pulling out the catheter slowly ;
    8.The patient should maintain the prone position and raise the
    hip.Massaging the large intestine area of the patient's belly gently
    for 5-10minutes and then have a rest for 30 minutes and the treatment
    is over.

    The above is a brief description, if you are not understand, please
    contact with us .
    The fee for one course is USD 315, ( Ten bottle of clyster medicine,
    Ten disposable clyster device).

    Colitis clyster is our own research results more than 30 years , which
    is made of pure Chinese medicine, and it has cured thousands of
    patients with a variety of colitis ,without any toxic side effect and
    allergic reaction occurs, and it has very good curative effect on the
    allergic colitis. During treatment, the patient should not eat cold or
    stimulated food , and have a good rest.

    Because our drug is liquid,so international mail will be trouble. We
    often mail drug for foreign patients, and we have our channel, but the
    patient need to pay for the postage .
    I hope you'll get well soon !

    1. We have cured more than 3000 cases like you, there is no reapearance
    2. I wonder your dosage of hormone now so that I can give you my advice
    3. we can send the medicine to you by express, but you should afford the fee
    4. if you havn't got a pic, you'd better scan your inspection results
    sheet to me.

    Waitting for your reply,


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    :Essential drugs of the clyster: Agrimonine, Bletilla, Indigo Naturalis
    , White Paeony Root, Licorice .
    : Agrimonine, Bletilla, Indigo Naturalis
    , Paeony Root, .

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    Agrimonia ? , .
    Agrimonia eupatoria Common Agrimony (Europe, Asia, Africa)
    Agrimonia gryposepala Tall Hairy Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia incisa Incised Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia coreana Korean Agrimony (eastern Asia)
    Agrimonia microcarpa Smallfruit Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia nipponica Japanese Agrimony (eastern Asia)
    Agrimonia parviflora Harvestlice Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia pilosa Hairy Agrimony (eastern Europe, Asia)
    Agrimonia procera Fragrant Agrimony (Europe)
    Agrimonia pubescens Soft or Downy Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia repens Short Agrimony (southwest Asia)
    Agrimonia rostellata Beaked Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia striata Roadside Agrimony (North America)
    Agrimonia - (, , )
    Agrimonia gryposepala - Tall ( )
    Agrimonia - Incised ( )
    Agrimonia coreana - ( )
    Agrimonia microcarpa - Smallfruit ( )
    Agrimonia nipponica - ( )
    Agrimonia parviflora - Harvestlice ( )
    Agrimonia pilosa - ( , )
    Agrimonia - ()
    Agrimonia - Soft ( )
    Agrimonia - (- )
    Agrimonia rostellata - Beaked ( )
    Agrimonia STRIATA - ( )

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    [2] (. Bletilla) (Orchidaceae). [3] [4] ; .

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